Don't Fall For The Dirty Tricks That Other Rip-Off Lottery Promoters Use To Confuse You...

(Some of this material also appears on the official Silver Lotto Site)

I don't blame you for wondering if the Silver Lotto System is a scam. There's a lot of false information out there on the web. It's hard to separate fact from fiction because we don't know the integrity of the opinion-makers.

I've had the privileged advantage of building up warm relationships with thousands of Silverites (buyers of my System) over many years, but by the nature of my product I'm always going to get a few detractors from time to time. A lottery system is not like other forms of gambling. Few players blame the casino even when they know the odds are loaded against them. But they'll play a lottery system incorrectly and then blame us. More about that in a minute.

Our complainers are large in number than most other lottery systems because I've sold a lot of products over 22 years. We're probably the biggest out there. But it doesn't stop these minority sending complaints to RipOffReport and other dubious scamming sites (they are dubious because they allow no right of reply or redress). It's my job to address some of these inaccurancies since there is no way to answer their accusations on these sites. As a professional journalist, I deplore this lack of balance and trial by accusation and refuse to give in to their unreasonable works of blackmail.

In fact I've found there are very few reasoned complaints about us... most use violent language and cussing. This just indicates to me the complainants are uneducated, young, or vindictive by nature. I don't take any notice any longer, but unfortunately there are others who do.

So let's uncover a few home truths...

You may hear that we don't give refunds, and will bill credit cards without permission. This is absolutely incorrect - both Clickbank and the giant credit card companies we have been dealing with for decades have strict guidelines for this. They will have closed us down any time over the past 16 years ago if it were even close to being true. Our Terms & Conditions are legal and very clearly stated in over 5 points of contact with the buyer.

The real answer is that complainers don't bother to read even the big print on the order page which states a product has recurring payments. In fact, the low standard of English in most of these complaints show that they also don't understand much else either. There's nothing clearer than a 'this is a recurring payment' clause dotted everywhere, yet some people deliberately choose not to see them. In one case, when I pointed out the 5 separate areas where the recurring notice was posted before the purchase, one complainer was unrepentent. He was going to get us even with the hard evidence showing. You can't fight this stupidity.

And refunds - they are made automatically by request from THE BUYER direct to Clickbank or the credit card processing company. We're not in that loop and have no say in the matter. I have a written global directive to my credit card processing company authorising them to make immediate refunds without question if required, and this is always carried out on request.

It's a fact that anyone can inspect any part of my operation and will find it transparent and clear. There are phone numbers at both Clickbank and Corporate Connect for that, but no-one has done it yet to my knowledge.

Let's talk about 'false' testimonials some people claim I have made up. They are all genuine, that's a fact. It's possible the winners may have made them up... nobody really knows that except the winner themselves. But I have yet to find anyone who has any reason for doing this. As an experienced journalist I'm used to double-checking the facts, and if a large win testimonial passes a stringent background test then I'll use it. This doesn't always include asking for ticket proof... in my experience most winners don't have the time, inclination or scanning equipment to send these to me. In the case of our recent Oz Lotto $22.23 million winner I requested one, but he is off somewhere living a new life, I imagine. Sending me a ticket at this time would be the last thing on his mind and I don't blame him. But I know more about him, address, hobbies and his purchase than anyone else. And I'm not revealing anything- it's part of my code of practice where I won't divulge information, email addresses or identity to anyone anywhere. I'm big on privacy.

You'll also find many of these so-called 'false' testimonials they say I have written have originated from some of my previous sites many years back (yes, I've been going for a long time!). They have then been copied by other scam lottery sites. My detractors will use this unrelated exposure as a way of making them look though they were copied by me. They were originally my own winner testimonials in the first place!

Some people claim never to have received their product. The usual reason is that the email receipt is blocked to them and they don't receive it. Or they fail to click the correct access button on the order form. I've had many exasperating times where a buyer has complained, but because they originally failed to fill in their physical address AND mistyped their return email, I couldn't do anything about it despite sometimes spending an hour searching for clues.

Nowadays many business emails like mine go into another folder on people's computers. It's a common occurrence especially with Gmail's new filter system, but most recipients don't know that. They blame us for the low level of their internet expertise. To help counter that I have put in a test email step that anyone can use to check whether their email gets through to us. And I now use a membership site which means the products are always available on call. My products will never get lost in delivery or if the buyer's computer crashes. (But of course, there will be other problems to blindside us... that's the nature of this overly complex beast we call the net).

Some critical sources make the most extraordinary claims. One has said I stopped using the 'Honest Lotto' name I had up till a few years ago because I wasn't honest. I've only had three names in 22 years of business... Lotto Link, Honest Lotto, and Silver Lotto. The truth is that names change along with fashion, and while having 'honest' in a name was perfectly acceptable back in the nineties and early days of the net, it looks silly now. So I changed it to reflect a larger and more mature audience. Besides, I like the ring and authority of 'Silver' better.

Another has doubted the authenticity of the 22 winning ticket photo on my website because I blurred out the numbers. Well, it's obvious to most people that I'm not going to reveal my System numbers to the wide world without getting paid for it! Some sensible thought is necessary here.

People new to my System find it hard to believe I can get a 98% win rate. Sometimes I wonder if putting up that extraordinary - maybe even unbelievable statement - on the website is shooting myself in the foot. However, here's why it's still there...

A few years ago, after collecting yet another win from my lottery shop, the owner said to me, "You never go away empty handed, do you!" She remarked that I always seemed to get wins each time I visited, no matter what the numbers were. And so I started thinking about why I had never used that fact to promote my System. The main reason of course was that a claim like this is easy to make and qualify, but hard to believe.

The other point I asked myself was why am I one of the few who get this high percentage when others struggle to get a win a month? There are two factors here:

First, I play using my own rules. Most others players don't follow my instructions. I know this because in my NumberCheck service for System owners I'm seeing evidence of almost all of the players playing incorrectly. I found their most common strategy is to play two games a week using less than 20 tickets. That goes against my System Rules in every way. And yes, that fact is all part of the instructions... why players ignore them is beyond me.

The correct way to play in this example is once a week with 40 tickets. Same price, but more opportunity for a high win rate because they're using the System correctly. The rule to follow is simply this: "Play the lowest number game with as many tickets as you can afford." Until these players follow my instructions, they are unlikely to get anywhere. And yes, again, they'll blame my System for their lack of wins and the RipOffReport gets another bonus complaint.

What’s the other reason I get an extreme win rate? Simply, I follow my own rules and select the games with the lowest numbers. Most losing players incorrectly play the worst odds games, Powerball and Mega Millions for example. Our local game has 6 balls and 40 numbers. This is top of the list for the best odds available. (There are some 5 ball games round the world, but usually the jackpot and secondary prizes are too low in value to make these worthwhile). The 6 ball games are the best compromise between good odds and high jackpot totals. And I play a high proportion of ticket lines, often between 40-120. I can afford to do this because our lines are still only 60c each. Most other lottery games around the world are $1 or $2 a ticket. So my game entrance fee is pretty low to start with.

There are claims I haven't actually won anything with my System. The fact is I had paper wins of $2.1 million when I started back in the early 90's and this was proof enough for me at that point to launch a system I knew would win constantly for anyone who wanted it. Winning is winning, whether you pay for tickets or not. But I do win real cash regularly today with almost every game I play, and as I've mentioned the win rate has been as high as 98%... over 9 games in every 10. It's valid and the payoff is great, but for various reasons I'm not divulging how much. Most players measure out lottery profits and losses like a business. It's not a balance sheet - it is a game and the money spent is an entrance fee, nothing more. I've tried to educate players for years to accept this, but we all hate loss of any kind, that's understandable and they want a decent ROI for every dollar they spend. It won't happen.

Let's face it, bad publicity can be easily made up by anyone these days, without any proof. Much of the comment on websites, forums and posts are litigious and wouldn't stand up in any court of law. I don't have time to refute every claim, but one day the world will wake up and realise that you just can't make blatant and erroneous statements about people or businesses. There will be a big shakeup on this, I predict.

Some folk are trying to sell a competing product, and one way to get business their way is to fire at the most successful sites to bring them down. Always look behind their tactics. Mike Geary, who has pulled in over $20 million a year from his Truth About Abs program found the same problem, and says in a presentation a couple years back: "Everyone and their mother rips you off! Even grandmoms rip you off. You’re “above the radar” – ad networks, people, etc seek out problems with what you do. Copyright infringement is EVERYWHERE."

The overwhelming fact is that most other lottery programs are scams, or illegal copies of mine like the "Formula 1" system which even blatantly copies my system, newsletter and emails exactly! Don't confuse us with these others. They are not genuine in any way. I've seen several so-called winning lottery sites with stock photos of winners and tickets that they try and pass off as genuine. I have used stock photos to protect my users but always state this in the disclaimer at the bottom of the website. They don't. Just do a "Search image with Google" in Chrome and you'll quickly see where these photos come from.

Can you really win? Well, I've known since starting back in 1991 that a single jackpot is difficult to win. So my system is successful because it targets the secondary wins. These wins are far easier to get for this reason alone: there are many of them. For example, Powerball has between 400,000 and 840,000 smaller prizes each week. So the potential is there to win multiple times (as I have said I've won 22 tickets in ONE lottery game) which in time may add up to millions of dollars.

And to sum up, the lottery will always be a controversial kind of business because buyer expectations are high. And in the case of my System there will always be a large percentage of players who fail to follow my simple instructions and complain when they don't win. Others will take information out of context and make parts of the System appear improbable. For example, I've written several thousand articles, some which appear on my blog at, where I tell players the best ways to win, how to structure their entrance fee, and the real odds of winning. These articles show that more knowledge is needed to understand the System than most people realise, but in reality it is a simple system to use.

Ken Silver
Head Silverite
Silver Lotto System